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Lotus Senior Services functions as an independent family advisor you want on your team.  Our goal is to help our mature population make knowledgeable and cost effective choices re their housing and wellbeing by providing the information and resources to make practical decisions.  For some, this means aging in place. For others it may mean moving.  Whatever the choice we have experts who will make that as seamless, functional and financially viable as possible.




Health & Fitness

  • Personal Health and Case Management

  • Interpreting Insurance Coverage & Navigating Healthcare Benefits.

  • Hospitalization Rights

  • Patient Advocacy & Billing Issues

Real Estate & Legal Advocate  

  • Trust and Estate Planning

  • Divorce & Probate Issues

  • Optimizing Property Value

  • Marketing & Property Sales


Personal & Estate Concierge 

  • Home Organization

  • Packing & Clearing

  • Moving Preparation



Aging In Place Specialist

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Retrofit & Home Upgrades

  • Remodel and Improvements


Lotus Senior Services

Our offices are located in Woodland Hills, Ca. and Marina Del Rey, Ca. Please call or email to make an appointment in home or at our offices. 

Main Line : 1-310-823-1823 

Text: 1-310-403-7455

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